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Refer to the following table for a log of additions and updates to the Unity Style Guide.

Date (DD/MM/YYYY)ChangeJIRA ticket(s)
03/06/2024Minor updates to Products and services page
  • Changed "Unity Cloud Build" to "Unity Build Automation" and "Cloud Build" to "Build Automation"
  • Changed "MARS" to "Mars"
COPS-1674, COPS-1875
15/04/2024Fixed indefinite article.COPS-1317
09/04/2024Clarified examples of how to link to other pages on the Links and citations page.COPS-1967
19/03/2024Fixed temperature typos.COPS-1869
17/01/2024Minor updates to Numbers section:
09/01/2024Updated List of common units to include both binary and decimal memory units.COPS-1722

Made the following changes to UI Terms:

  • Added guidance for "options" (aka "radio buttons") and edited "dropdown menu" to refer to it.
  • Added guidance for "box" and "field," and edited related terms.
  • Added guidance for macOS alternative to "right-click".
COPS-592, COPS-1279, COPS-1609
16/11/2023Added new guidance on Contractions.COPS-1647
15/11/2023Added a new section on Writing about third-party platforms and products, including a new page on Copyright and trademark attribution.COPS-1654
15/11/2023Added new Punctuation section, with guidance on apostrophes, parentheses, and periods and other end punctuation.COPS-1152

Made the following changes to the Terminology A-Z list:

  • Added guidance for "Docs"
  • Updated guidance for "Physic material"
COPS-1548, COPS-1614
03/11/2023Added several terms to the Accessible and inclusive language section and reorganized the Disability-based language to avoid page.COPS-1025, COPS-1037
03/11/2023Added "bug fix" to the Terminology list.COPS-1365
03/11/2023Added "troubleshooting" as an exception to the Titles and headings page guidance.COPS-1504
02/08/2023Added new section on Numbers, measurements, and equations to the Style section.COPS-1014
25/07/2023Clarified guidance on using articles with initialisms and acronymsCOPS-1258
25/07/2023Added link to Cloud Foundation Design System in footer.COPS-1370
06/07/2023Added a new page on Nonviolent language to the Accessible and inclusive language section.COPS-1298, COPS-791

Moved the following pages from the Terminology section to the Style section:

Added new guidance about Documenting lifecycle stages of products, features, and APIs to the Style section.
COPS-837, COPS-605
28/06/2023Added guidance against using strikethrough text to the Text formatting page.COPS-1058

Made the following changes to the Terminology A-Z list:

  • Added guidance for back end and front end
  • Removed the hyphen for subasset and subemitter
COPS-1256, COPS-1243
26/06/2023Added guidance on omitting variables from references to UI text to the User interface section.COPS-1032
05/06/2023Updated guidance on using images, screenshots, and diagrams.COPS-348, COPS-357, COPS-357
29/05/2023Added a new section about writing Alt text for different types of images and platforms to the Media section.COPS-369
  • Added terminology for the Entities package to the Terminology list, including "archetype," "DOTS," "ECS," "entity," "subscene," and "world."
  • Updated the entries for "component", "Burst compiler," and "descendant."
COPS-455, COPS-494
19/05/2023Clarified guidance on formatting notes and information boxes.COPS-1271
19/05/2023Updated guidance on using quotation marks in non-user-facing documentation.COPS-1215
19/05/2023Updated guidance on using bold and monospace fonts. Added guidance on choosing between regular, bold, and monospace font depending on context. Included minor updates to several pages to improve consistency within the style guide.COPS-1213, COPS-1270
19/05/2023Clarified guidance on using target titles and sentence text for link text.COPS-1252
03/05/2023Added guidance on how to pluralize initialisms and acronyms.COPS-988
02/05/2023Created a new page for Tooltips that links to the tooltip guidelines in the Unity Editor Design System.COPS-1212
02/05/2023Clarified the Links and citations guidance on how to include the source name in links to sources outside the Unity documentation.COPS-1218
12/04/2023Clarified guidance around using "see also" on the Sight- and ability-based language page.COPS-1062
12/04/2023Updated Terminology list to use "indexes" as the recommended plural for "index."COPS-975
27/03/2023Updated Terminology list to use "in other words" as the recommended replacement for "i.e."COPS-1054
23/03/2023Added guidance on using explicit types to the Create code examples and Format code examples pages.COPS-1046
23/03/2023Clarified guidance against using italics on the Text formatting page.COPS-982
23/03/2023Added guidance against using periods in abbreviations to the Initialisms and acronyms page.COPS-1017
23/03/2023Clarified guidance around using "contact us" on the Sight- and ability-based language page.COPS-1023

Made the following changes to the Disability-based language to avoid page:

  • Added further examples and alternatives for using "normal."
  • Split the table of phrases to avoid into IT-specific words and phrases and Other problematic words and phrases.
01/03/2023Added guidance against using monospace font in titles and headings to the Titles and headings and Text formatting pages.COPS-981
Added links to the Brand Studio: Voice and style guide to the Unity Style Guide footer menu, index page, and Other Unity conventions page.
01/03/2023Clarified guidance on using "hover over" on the UI terms page, and fixed minor errors and formatting inconsistencies on a few pages.COPS-614
21/02/2023Added guidance on alternative pronouns to the Gender-inclusive language page.COPS-902
21/02/2023Updated guidance on alternatives to "spirit animal" and reorganized the Race- and ethnicity-inclusive language page according to use case.COPS-868, COPS-966
Moved Scripting API page to Content Types section and fixed broken links.
COPS-900, COPS-961
30/01/2023Added "on the warpath," "spastic, spaz, spazzing," "barren," and "mumbo jumbo" to the Accessible and inclusive language section.COPS-848
24/01/2023Added guidance for Image attribution. The new guidance has been reviewed and approved by the Unity Legal team.COPS-540

Made the following changes to the Race- and ethnicity-inclusive language page:

  • Renamed the Antiracist language page to Race- and ethnicity-inclusive language.
  • Split the table of phrases to avoid into IT-specific words and phrases and Other problematic words and phrases.
  • Added 22 terms and expressions to the lists of terms to avoid.

Updated the following prefab-related terms in the Terminology list.

  • "prefab editing mode" (was "Prefab Mode")
  • "prefab stage" (was "Prefab Stage")

03/01/2023Added "exotic," "cakewalk," and "low-hanging fruit" to the Antiracist language page.COPS-792

Added the following new pages on Accessible and inclusive language to the Style section:

  • Accessible and inclusive language
  • Anti-racist language
  • Gender-inclusive language
  • Accessible language
  • Sight- and ability-based language
  • Disability-based language to avoid
COPS-648, COPS-361
14/12/2022Clarified guidance on using monospace font for all code and API references, including class names.--

Added the following new pages on UI copy to the Content types section:

  • UI copy
  • Writing principles for UI copy
  • Buttons
  • Empty states
24/11/2022Added guidance on documenting current and future states of the product to the Past, present, and future tense page.COPS-594
24/11/2022Added "app store" to the Terminology list.COPS-548
24/11/2022Updated guidance for Release notes and changelogs to refer to Jira tickets instead of FogBugz cases.COPS-609
08/11/2022Updated guidance for "application/app" on the Terminology list.COPS-560
08/11/2022Added guidance on "Example" headings to the Titles and headings page.COPS-374
08/11/2022Added marketing information to the FAQ page.COPS-549
28/10/2022Added a new page on FAQs to the Content types section.COPS-521
26/10/2022Updated guidance for UI terminology.COPS-262
19/10/2022Updated guidance on using abbreviations in titles.COPS-502
19/10/2022Added "simmed," "erroring out," and "digital twin" to the Terminology list.COPS-466, COPS-501
05/10/2022Updated guidance on using the Inter font with SVG diagrams.COPS-486
05/10/2022Added "deselect" and "white label" to the Terminology list.COPS-275, COPS-458
05/10/2022Added "Addressables" and related terms to the Terminology list.COPS-427
05/10/2022Added guidance on creating HTML lists in tables.COPS-456
  • Updated guidance on product and service names to follow the Unity product naming policy set by the Unity Legal team.
  • Added guidance on when to use a definitive article with product/service names and product components.
  • Added links to product name and trademark lists.
  • Added guidance on including macrons and other types of accents in product names.
COPS-234, COPS-428
13/09/2022Added "file name" to the Terminology A-Z list.COPS-459
07/09/2022Renamed the column headers in the Quick Reference guide to more accurately describe the table's content.COPS-313
11/08/2022Fixed some formatting and code errors on the Format code examples page.COPS-429

Updated Tables with following changes:

  • Added guidance to avoid manually adding footnotes to tables for accessibility reasons.
  • Updated guidance on tables for UI reference pages to link to the relevant pages on Confluence.

11/08/2022Updated User interactions page so that guidance on bolding UI terms is consistent with the guidance on the Text formatting page.COPS-320
10/08/2022Added "calculate" and "compute" to Terminology A-Z.COPS-238

Added the following new pages on grammar guidance in the Style section:

  • Pronouns: using pronouns so that they are translatable
    • Third-person (inanimate) pronouns: guidance on "it," "they," "them."
    • Demonstrative pronouns: guidance on "this," "that," "these," and "those."
    • Relative pronouns: guidance on "which" and "that."
  • Modifiers: guidance on using "not" and "only" as modifiers.
28/07/2022Added "world space," "screen space," and "Burst compiler" to Terminology. Updated the site title to Unity Style Guide. Corrected some typos and outdated links. Changed all Docs instances of "see" to "refer to."DOCQ-170, DOCQ-182, DOCQ-183
28/07/2022Updated terminology list to reflect new guidance on capitalization.DOCQ-169

Replaced links to Human Interface Guidelines with Unity Editor Design System. Updated several page short descriptions, standardized sentence case for page titles, and noted the previous changes to the Terminology section in the Changelog:

  • Removed Component and class names.
  • Added section on figurative language and idioms to Jargon.
  • Moved information about Assets and source data to the Terminology A-Z page.
22/07/2022Updated guidance for writing about third-party software, specifically the boilerplate text approved by the Unity Legal team.DOCQ-154
22/07/2022Updated guidance on capitalization.DOCQ-169
22/07/2022Updated guidance on initialisms and acronyms.DOCQ-169

Added new links to the footer menu and corrected several typographical errors.

Renamed the following pages and sections:

  • Getting started to Get started
  • What's new to Changelog
  • Guiding principles for technical communication to Quick reference guide
DOCQ-180, DOCQ-164
12/07/2022Added "trackpad, touchpad" to Terminology.DOCQ-177
12/07/2022Updated guidance on passive voice exceptions.DOCQ-168
11/07/2022Added missing short descriptions to all Unity Style Guide pages and named Merriam-Webster as the dictionary to refer to for US spelling. Added a new column to the What's New page for linking to JIRA tickets.DOCQ-162, DOCQ-163

Created two top-level sections for Content types and Media.

Moved the following pages within the Style Guide:

  • Notes and information boxes from Terminology to Formatting
  • Error messages and Procedures from Formatting to Content Types
  • Images from Formatting to Media
  • Links and citations from Formatting to Style
  • Code examples and Release notes and changelogs from Style to Content Types
21/06/2022Added guidance on linking to external sources. Added "Animation Clip" and "template" to the terminology list.
02/06/2022Added "grayboxing" and "VFX Graph" to the terminology list. Added information on GIFs and accessibility, and on formatting changelog posts. Deleted the Writing Tips page and guidance on image storage.
01/06/2022Added Procedures page and updated Lists page accordingly.
27/05/2022Added guidance for non-interactable tabs and headings to User interactions.
24/05/2022Replaced Bold, italics, and underline and Monospace font pages with Text Formatting page and rearranged sidebars.
20/05/2022Added "playback," "whitelist," "blacklist," "dummy," "above/below," "sanity check," minimap," and "abort" to Terminology.
16/05/2022Removed guidance on using Collaborate to store images.
26/01/2022Added section on capitalization for emphasis to Nouns and capitalization.
21/01/2022Added "postmortem" and "root cause analysis" to Terminology.
19/01/2022Updated User interactions to provide specific guidance on referring to buttons.
12/01/2022Added Plurals and possessives.
  • Added please and gameplay to Terminology.
  • Added guidance on using how to in Headings.

Updated the Screenshot annotation guidelines:

  • Changed callout font to Inter bold.
  • Changed color of callout box to magenta.
02/12/2021Added for example to Terminology.
29/11/2021Added Monospace font.
29/11/2021Added the following to Terminology.
15/11/2021Added Initialisms and acronyms.
15/11/2021Updated Error messages to clarify that you must describe the cause and resolution of error messages that you copy exactly.
15/11/2021Added Format code examples and Create code examples.
04/11/2021Added guidance for the following:
- Quotation marks
- recommend
- should
- since
- Tips and tricks
27/10/2021Replaced At A Glance and Top 5 pages with Unity's guiding principles for technical communication.
29/09/2021Moved Unity features and services to its own page.
29/09/2021Added 27 new entries relating to Unity Visual Scripting to Terminology:

- Blackboard
- connector
- Data Input/Output
- flow
- fuzzy finder
- Graph Inspector
- Graph/graph
- group
- inline values
- input
- machine
- node
- output
- Script Graph
- Script Machine
- Script State
- state
- State Graph
- State Machine
- Subgraph
- super unit
- transition
- Trigger Input/Output
- unit
- variables
- Vector 3, Vector 2
- Visual Scripting
13/09/2021Added Writing about third-party software.
25/08/2021Updated guidance on when to use the Unity prefix in feature and service names, in Terminology.
05/07/2021Changed Unity Services Dashboard to Unity Dashboard in Terminology.
23/06/2021Updated User interactions to add guidance on writing for different operating systems. Added the following sections:

- Keyboard shortcuts for different operating systems
- Navigation paths for different operating systems
23/06/2021Added Error messages.
22/06/2021Added -ing words (gerunds, present participles.
27/05/2021Changed physics engine to physics system in Terminology.
26/05/2021Added hand coding and hand-coding to Terminology.
17/05/2021Changed drop-down to dropdown, to match Microsoft Style Guide.
04/05/2021Reorganized table of contents:
- The pages Tone of voice, Target audience and Be specific and logical are now consolidated into one page called Tone, voice and audience.
- The page Notes and information boxes is now in the Terminology section.

The following template pages are now on Confluence:
- Render pipeline compatibility templates
- Profiler marker templates
- Documenting preview and deprecated packages (a consolidation of the pages Preview packages and Deprecated packages
04/05/2021Updated color picker to object picker and provided extra examples to UI symbols.
26/04/2021Added Documenting profiler markers.
23/04/2021Added Android Debug Database (ADB) to Terminology.
23/04/2021Added information about optionally linking to FogBugz cases to Release notes.
19/04/2021Updated theme entry in Terminology to use Dark theme and Light theme instead of Personal theme and Pro theme.
22/02/2021Updated Preview packages to add information on packages without documentation.
16/02/2021Added links to the Microsoft Style Guide throughout.
21/01/2021Updated application and added title to Terminology.
18/01/2021Significantly updated Diagrams and added guidance on colors.
12/01/2021Updated Tone of voice to reflect current style.
12/01/2021Significantly updated Notes and information boxes.
10/12/2020Significantly updated Screenshots section.
09/12/2020Added a Scripting API page, which contains a link to internal API documentation.
08/12/2020Added master/slave to Terminology.
07/12/2020Updated and edited Screenshots and Screenshot tools.
07/12/2020Added guidance on using bold for emphasis to Bold, italics and underline.
07/12/2020Added FAQs guidance to Be specific and logical.
03/12/2020Updated guidance for Screenshots to use the dark theme instead of the light theme.
01/12/2020Updated guidance for scene and scene gizmo in Terminology.
25/11/2020Added multi- and multiplatform to Terminology.
24/11/2020Added the following to Terminology: shader, Unity shader, shader program, compute shader, Standard Shader, SubShader.

Updated the following in Terminology: Pass, material.
23/11/2020Added URLs to Links and citation.
23/11/2020Added link to Confluence: Formatting documentation to Header and all Format pages, for quicker access to Markdown guidelines.
19/11/2020Added real world / real-world to Terminology.

Added full screen / full-screen to Terminology (link to Microsoft Style Guide: full screen, full-screen).
10/11/2020Added dialog box to Terminology (link to Microsoft Style Guide: dialog box, dialog, dialogue).
12/10/2020Added Standard notes and information section:

- Added Deprecated packages to new section.
- Added Preview packages to new section
- Moved Notes and Information boxes and Render pipeline compatibility into the new section.
12/10/2020Removed Scripting API section; this guidance now lives in the internal Confluence Documentation space (refer to Confluence: API docs content and formatting)
02/10/2020Added call stack to Terminology.
17/09/2020Updated Code examples.
17/09/2020Added Accessibility Actionables to Other Unity conventions.
17/09/2020Added More menu (⋮) to UI Symbols).
07/08/2020Added Tonemapping / tone mapping to Terminology.
07/08/2020Updated Release notes and changelogs.
07/08/2020Added Render pipeline compatibility.
04/08/2020Added Assets and source data page.
31/07/2020Added preview panel and object to Terminology.
20/07/2020Added legacy to Terminology.
13/07/2020Added changelog to Terminology.
01/07/2020Added teams to Terminology.
18/06/2020Added the following to Terminology: Built-In Render Pipeline, core platform, lighting terminology, tag, Unity MARS.
17/06/2020Added deprecated and obsolete to Terminology.
16/06/2020Updated image naming in Images.
02/06/2020Updated User interactions: added Hardware interactions section and moved page to parent page.
28/05/2020Added drag to Terminology.
18/05/2020Updated guidance for asset and project in Terminology.
12/05/2020Added Unity coding guidelines to Other Unity conventions.
12/05/2020Moved general advice on scripting API elements to Scripting API section intro and removed spurious Elements page.
12/05/2020Corrected advice on formatting braces in Format code examples.
12/05/2020Added Properties page to Scripting API section.
22/04/2020Added guidance for formatting in-line method names to Terminology and Methods.
21/04/2020Updated Tone of voice to reflect more accurate guidelines.
21/04/2020Added child/children to Terminology.
06/04/2020Added Nouns and capitalization.
03/04/2020Updated Titles and headers to clarify that it refers to all titles and headers on a page.
02/04/2020Added wish to Terminology.
17/02/2020Added Notes and Information boxes.
17/02/2020Added guidance on large Inspectors to Screenshots.
14/02/2020Added Other Unity conventions.
07/02/2020Updated Files, folders and directories and User interface interactions.
07/02/2020Added citation guidance to Links and citations.
28/01/2020Added display/show to Terminology.
20/01/2020Updated Links.
20/01/2020Added Tuples to Scripting API guidelines.
08/01/2020Added release notes exception to Past, present and future tense.
05/12/2019Updated formatting guidance for file/folder names and paths in Files and folders.
05/12/2019Updated runtime entry in Terminology.
19/11/2019Updated checkbox entry in Terminology.
15/11/2019Added quickstart to Terminology.
1/11/2019Added Git to Terminology.
12/09/2019Added i.e. and e.g. to Terminology].
09/09/2019Added indices to Terminology.
02/09/2019Updated Images to clarify guidance on using GIFs.
02/09/2019Added the following pages and sections: Code examples, Component and class names, File names, User interface.
30/08/2019Added exceptions to passive voice guidelines in Use active voice and Top 5 writing tips.
30/08/2019Added the following to Terminology: garbage collection, Progressive Lightmappers, Universal Render Pipeline (URP), High-Definition Render Pipeline (HDRP), launch screen, roadmap, game.
16/08/2019Changed skin to theme as the correct noun to use for Personal and Pro color schemes in the Unity Editor.
01/08/2019Added guidance on taking package screenshots to Screenshots.
19/07/2019Added Release notes guidelines.

Corrected line color to #000000 on Annotated images.
18/07/2019Added Scripting API style guidelines.
15/07/2019Migrated style guide to new home.