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Unity products and services

How you refer to Unity products and services can change depending on the context.

As a general rule, when referring to a Unity product or service, follow the Unity product naming policy:

  • Use the "Unity" prefix in page and section headers.
  • Use the "Unity" prefix the first time that the product or service name appears in the body text of a topic or page section.

For the remainder of the topic or section, you can refer to the product or service without the "Unity" prefix. Don't shorten product names (except by removing the word Unity), and don't include trademark symbols for product names.

The following table contains examples of how to refer to some Unity products and services on first and subsequent uses on a page. The table is not exhaustive.

First useSubsequent usesNotes
Unity Build AutomationBuild Automation-
Unity MultiplayerMultiplayerDon't use the obsolete name "UNet."
Unity EconomyEconomy-
Unity Plastic SCMPlastic SCM-


The following products are exceptions to the rules described in the previous section:

  • Unity Mars: Write "Unity Mars" each time. Don't shorten to "Mars."
  • Unity Teams: Write "Unity Teams" each time. Don't shorten to "Teams."
  • Unity Gaming Services: Write "Unity Gaming Services" on first use. On subsequent uses, write "UGS." If you use "UGS" in your content, define the initialism on first use.

Some acquisitions don't use the "Unity" prefix, for example:

  • Ziva
  • Vivox
  • SpeedTree

In these cases, you don't need to include the "Unity" prefix. If you are unsure about how to write a product name, refer to the following resources:


If product names use macrons or other types of accents, for example Wētā, always include the macrons or accents when writing the product name.

Using articles with Unity product names, services, and components​

As a general rule, product and service names don't take a definitive article before them. Product components are treated as countable nouns, which means they require a definitive article. The following non-exhaustive lists provide some examples of when to use a definitive article for product names, services, and components.

Product or service​

  • Unity Pro is a complete solution ...
  • Unity Ads gives you tools ...
  • Unity Analytics provides an end-to-end ...
  • Unity Forma is an easy to use ...
  • Unity Mars helps solve the hard problems ...

Product component​

  • the Unity API Reference includes ...
  • the Unity Dashboard shows you ...
  • the Unity Editor allows you to create ...
  • the Unity Hub is a standalone application ...
  • the Unity User Manual helps you learn ...
  • the Unity Economy service provides you with ...

Unity team names​

Write team names as proper nouns, and the word "team" as a regular noun. For example, write the following:

  • the Documentation team
  • the Support team
  • the Production Engineering team