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-ing words (gerunds, present participles)

Both gerunds and present participles are verbs (action words) that end in -ing; for example, “running.” They have slightly different uses in practice, but this section refers to both as -ing words.

Wherever possible, use the base form of a verb, rather than the -ing form, because it’s easier to read and to localize, and requires simpler sentence construction. Use your judgment in making exceptions to avoid stilted or complicated writing.

Use imperative verbs instead of -ing words in titles. Refer to Titles and headings.

Select a GameObject by clicking on it.To select a GameObject, click on it.
Unity calculates the ambient occlusion value by combining the baked occlusion value with the SSAO value.To calculate the ambient occlusion value for real-time lighting, Unity combines the baked occlusion value with the SSAO value.
Touching the collider causes a GameObject to disappear.When a GameObject touches the collider, that GameObject disappears.

For more information, refer to What is the difference between a gerund and a present participle?