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Copyright and trademark attribution

If your documentation references or links to third-party websites, applications, products, or services, then you need to consult your legal business partner to ensure that you provide the necessary copyright and trademark attribution.

For more information about using third-party materials in Unity documentation, refer to the Legal playbook for Documentation teams.

Attribution for platform partners

When writing about platform partners, closed platforms, or NDA platforms, make sure to provide the necessary copyright and trademark attribution for all brand names. Work with your legal business partner to ensure that you meet all attribution requirements.

Most platform partners require a trademark or copyright symbol on first mention of a brand name, as well as a legal statement of trademark ownership in a footnote or footer. In addition, some partners have special requirements such as an approval process every time their name is used.

For a list of platform partners and their trademark requirements, refer to Platform Partner legal trademark attribution quick guide.

Attribution for other third-party brand names

Any time you refer or link to third-party software, products, or services, consult with your legal business partner to ensure proper copyright and trademark attribution. You also need to provide a disclaimer to make it clear to users that the third-party information might be limited or incomplete.

For more information about disclaimers and documenting third-party products, refer to Writing about third-party software.

General guidelines for the use of trademarks

In general, follow these guidelines when referring to brand names, trademarks, and copyright:

  • Always use the required trademark form, spelling, spacing, and capitalization.
  • Always use only approved abbreviations for trademarks and brand names.
  • Never use a trademark as a verb. Trademarks are products or services, not actions.
  • Never modify a trademark to a plural or possessive form. Always use trademarks in their registered form.
  • Never alter a trademark in any way, including through unapproved fonts or visual identifiers.
  • Never translate a trademark into another language.
  • Never use trademarks to coin new words or names.
  • Never use trademarks to create a play on words.